BUG on front of class A motorhome

Bugs on the large front surface of our 2001 Rexhall motorhome are becoming a large problem on several accounts -- lots of time spend cleaning them off, degradation of the paint on the front as a result of scouring the bugs off. Sometimes, after just 60 minutes of driving, the entire front of the rig becomes bug laden and it takes about 45 minutes to clean it up properly.

I'd appreciate any input from those RV'ers more experienced than myself on these 2 issues:

What is the best way to keep the bugs off in the first place? I've heard that just keeping a good coat of wax is the best, lots of folks have bras on their rigs, I've seen clear plastic shields that are installed a couple of inches away from the front surface.

Once they are on, is there any easy way to get them off? Cleaning the windshield isn't too bad but I worry a lot about scouring and scrubbing the paint on the part of the rig below the windshield.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
BUG on front of class A motorhome


Haven't tried this but don't know why it wouldn't work. I don't know what the front of your rig looks like but if possible this is what I would try.

Get some real thin clear plastic. I got some to put under my tank bag on my motorcycle to keep the bag from scratching the tank. If you dampin the surface before you put the plastic on it will stick to it. You may have to come up with a couple of other ideas to keep it on but it will put a protective layer(easily cleaned and replaced when needed) between the bugs and your paint. You need real thin plastic. For example the white stuff you see on new cars while they are being delivered to the dealership. I think this stuff stays on pretty much by itself.

Hope this helps
BUG on front of class A motorhome

I think the Rexhall's a diesel pusher; if so Gary's plastic idea sounds good. If a gasoline engine you don't want to obstruct or block the radiator's air flow.
BUG on front of class A motorhome

I was thinkin about either the full face as in a pusher or maybe cutting whatever had to be cut to cover the painted surfaces. This stuff will last a very long time. If you work out the details for covering the "offending surfaces" ;-] I think it should work well. You may even try duct tape in places where it can't be seen. I think it's very well may be the way to go of course I don't know what the front end looks like and the practicality of doin it this way but if possible that's the way I would go.
BUG on front of class A motorhome

Hot water and detergent seems to take them off easier,also a guy I met in FL gave me an ad for a product called Rejex. I have no idea how good it is but the phone # is 800-6387361. Its some kind of polymer wax that he said worked real good.