bug removal

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bug removal

Agree with you Gruffy. Find some great stuff in those $$ stores such as wax, tire shine, car wash :approve:
bug removal

That's where I went wrong...I missed that step and decided after a while that while it works it wasn't worth the struggle. :approve:
bug removal

LOL on the panty hose.

Anyway, if you have an NAPA or Advance Auto Part Store close by stop in and pick up a product called "Bugs-be-Gone". Its a SeaFoam product that is fantastic. In fact if you can find their 8-Oz concentrated bottle add about an once to your windshield washer bottle. This will mix with your washer fluid and do a great job of keeping the windshield clean.

I've been using this stuff for years and it's great for gettin those dried on, dead creatures off the front of your rig. Give it a try.

Another note: SeaFoam makes a great fuel additive that works great with either gas or diesel engines. I've been using this in my Cat engine since it was new and it keeps it purring like a new born kitten... :bleh:

Lil Truckr :laugh:
bug removal

the difference is that bug magic is shipped in a 32 oz. concentrate
that makes 8 32 oz. bottles they include the sprayer and measuring device for $19.95 thats $2.50 per qt. you won't find anything less
expensive or works as well :laugh:
bug removal

Kinda like the idea of the panty hose with the lady still in them :laugh:
But the Precious Lady just didn't seem to like the idea :( .


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bug removal

I went to the link suggested by beaverjim and I have a question. Since that seems to be an RVer, might this just be a commercial by the owner of that site who wants to sell us something?

I don't have any connection to the manufacturer of the product, but a friend who shows cars put me on to a product called "Final Inspection" that comes from one of the car wax companies. It works well and keeps the waxed finish. And it doesn't fight back like that pair of panty hose that I caught as she passed by. And my wife doesn't get mad at me for using that product either. She sure didn't believe me when I tried to tell her that I was just uing that young lady's panty hose to remove bugs! I think that most of the bruses will be gone in another week so I can work on the bugs some more.