Build Your Own Travel Trailer

Build Your Own Travel Trailer

This is really a pretty neat website. I was checking it out a couple of weeks ago when I just happened to run across it. I wouldn't want to do it myself, but I am sure that there are those that would; and will. I still think that it would cost a fortune, and you would have to get a wholesalers license to buy from the manufacturers for the appliances and cupboards. It still would probably be cheaper, though, than buying from a dealer/or manufacturer.
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Build Your Own Travel Trailer

I figured the cost should run between $8,000 to $10,000 without appling for a wholesalers license. But I would most likely only save less than 10% off the products. You need to buy in quantity to realy save. The reason for building it myself is that I didn't like what is out there. I can also save about 25% off the above if I go with used products, but opted for for new as this will be a camper to use for years and years !