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Anybody got any advice or recomendations on the 60% buy back deals offerred by Companies such as Cruise America??????
How solid are they.

Further are there any web publications that set out a sort of must see trail of sites from say Phoenix to Seattle plus give information on both Public and Park Camping Grounds???????


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Re: Buy Back deals

Hey kelpie, welcome to the forum mate. Read Utah Red Rock Country in Destination Forum to obtain info on the Red Rock National Parks in Utah. I recommend seeing all 5 Utah Natl Parks. Don't miss Grand Teton/Yellowstone Natl Parks in Wyoming. We just left there a couple of days ago. Great sights.

Get a TrailerLife Campground Directory as there is lots of info on National Park, Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, Corps of Engineer, and State Park Campgrounds.


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Re: Buy Back deals

There are 'terms and conditions', of course. Time (12 months) and mileage (12000 miles) are the biggies. Over the mileage is a deduction of .32 a mile, but it is a challange to put over 12000 miles in a year on. After that, its a matter of how much a 40% depreciation in a used rig annoys you.

Basically, do the math. Find out how much they would charge to rent it for your trip, then compare that to 40% of the sales price (and don't forget the costs of sales tax, insurance and registration which are on top of the sales price and are 100% up to you to cover). Then decide whether to go with this or try to sell it yourself when you are done. You have to sign up for the program at the start, but you don't have to sell it to them when you are done. There is a transferable extended powertrain warranty available for 5 years/100000 miles from date of sale (not date of first in service like most of them), for about $1600 which would help if you were going to sell it yourself.

The guy I talked to is if you want more details.