Buying 31 ft Jayco Greyhawk and have ?s

Buying 31 ft Jayco Greyhawk and have ?s

:shy: We just bought a greyhawk. As I'm told with RV's there are always problems with a new modle. So it has taken us several months to work out the kinks - the door didn't line up right - the battery wouldn't hold a charge - the auto step didn't work constiently - it was a bear to figure out the TV sound. But, I'm told that is normal. Now we love it. I love the floor plan - I have a 34' - it has the bed in the back, couch and table on a slid out and a galley on the other wall with an overcab bed. The nice thing is that the table has 4 built in seat belts which means the table isn't just nailed to the frame - it has a metal frame. So I have 9 seatbelts and I love it. My kids can sit on the couch or table and be buckled up if I want them to be. But, of course their favorit spot is the window over the cab.

We looked at the Jayco and we liked the floor plan of the Greyhawk better. I have 7 kids and felt like it offered more room and better storage options.

I would love a better RV dealership than where I bought. I think that makes all the difference in the world. They are the ones that should help you and work out all the bugs. We are not getting that treatment. They messed up our inverter (they didn't want us to have one so they wouldn't really do a good job) - in the end they charged us labor. So I think that you need to make sure you have a good dealership to buy from.

Feel free to ask me specific questions - I'm new to RVing but I'll do my best.
Buying 31 ft Jayco Greyhawk and have ?s

We bought the Greyhawk - a Jayco brand - it was another brand we didn't like (don't remember it right now)
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Buying 31 ft Jayco Greyhawk and have ?s


Thanks for submitting your experience. We're buying a 2005 Greyhawk Model 31SS by Jayco Class C. We are getting a real good deal on the coach from Ron Hoover RV in Boerne, TX. In inspected one that they had just sold and found the cargo floors, both in the undercarriage and inside the cargo compartments, to be a bit flimsy. On the underside of the coach, there only seemed to be a thin piece of aluminum covering the underside. On the inside of the cargo compartments, there is a 1/8" thick piece of plywood covered by thin carpeting. The carpeting on some of the compartments appears lose with nothing holding it in place. It would seem that if I hit a rock and the rock struck the underside of the compartment, it would make a heck of a dent on the aluminum sheet and possibly dent the plywood on the inside. It just seems like cheesy construction on the part of Jayco. I have never really inspected other coaches to see if they are built a bit more solid. Any how, the floor seemed solid as I did also get into on of the pass through compartments to inspect the floor and walls. It's a beautiful coach for the $56k price that we are getting it for. The MSRP sheet has it listed at $76k. It is brand new and only has the 1400 miles that were put on when transported from the factory to the dealer's lot.

Any further comments would be appreciated.

Thank you