Buying a 16foot to 18 foot travel trailer


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Do any of you have any information on the quailty of a 18 foot Forest River Rockwood mini travel trailer. We are considering the purchase of one. Also would you recommend a good quailty one from any other manufacturer. Thanks! This would be our first purchase of a travel trailer but have owned a 20' motorhome for 8 years and have put 80,000 miles on it.


RE: Buying a 16foot to 18 foot travel trailer

well i know i'm gonna get slack from this ,, but do a search on Forrest River products ,, and then come to u'r own conclusion ,,, but i think u should ck out Grand View Trailer Sales ,, and see what he has to offer ,, he's on here quit a bit and i'm sure he won't steer u wrong ,, he's one of the few ohnest dealers left in the rving world ,, JMO ,, but agian i'll get slack over this post ,, wait and see ... :)
Bty welcome to the forum ,, and ask away :approve: ;) :cool: :)

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Re: Buying a 16foot to 18 foot travel trailer

Well since Rod set me up......

Check out Gulf Streams Amerilite, Stream Lite and Mini SL. If they dont work for you, keep looking.