Buying a large diesel pusher


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Hello. I am new to this board. My wife and I have RVd for many years. Tents, Travel Trailers, Gas Motor Home and presently a 33' fifth wheel that we pull with a F350 Ford Diesel. We can get anywhere from 9.5 to 11+ mpg.

We REALLY want to purchase a used diesel pusher motorhome. BUT...with fuel prices as they kind of gives me the jitters. What type of mileage might I expect on say a 40' Beaver or similiar Motorhome?

Some honest opinions would be appreciated! Is this a great time to buy or should we wait and see where in the world fuel prices are going. I don't want to have to spend $1,000.00 or so to have to "fill r up" if you know what I mean. Also the value of the motorhome concerns me if prices do go on through the roof. I know that no one really knows, but I would appreciate some feedback. Thanks!

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Re: Buying a large diesel pusher

I do believe a 40' diesel pusher will get somewhat less mileage than your Ford Diesel. Some of the motor Home owners can shed more light on the picture.

Unless we drill more oil wells in the US (Alaska/Gulf of Mexico) and build more refineries the price of oil/gas will keep going up. The corn ethanol is not gong to be the answer, because it is already driving the price of other fruits/vegetables/meats/dairy products much higher. Just have to bite the bullet and keep RV'ing or fold your tent. Just my opinion.

I plan on keeping my old RV (it's paid for) and continue RV'ing. Can't wait for the Dodge CTD to be paid for. :clown: