buying a motothome in canada

Could anyone advise the situation of buying a motorhome in canada and bringing it into USA and touring around ,is there any import dutys to be paid etc . i will then ship it out to australia via east coast due to cheaper rates in shipping.

DL Rupper

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Re: buying a motothome in canada

Hey Kojak, Since you are not a U.S. resident, I doubt if you would have to pay import fees. However, you might want to consult a leagal authority for that info. Good luck.


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Re: buying a motothome in canada

Since I presume you are not a Canadian resident, I don't know about that. Even if you don't have to pay duties, you may still have to post some kind of bond that the unit will not remain in the country.
Re: buying a motothome in canada

Hi DLR & Hertig,many thanks for reply,I will take your advise and contact an USA shipping agent maybe he could help,thanks Again Kojak
RE: buying a motothome in canada

The issue you have with buying a motorhome in Canada is that you eventually have to license it in the USA.
If you buy the Mhome from a dealer and you provide a verifyable address in the US you will not have to pay
the usual GST/PST (Federal and Provincial Sales Taxes) on the purchase price. If you buy privately and can deal in
cash the same will apply. However, to cross the Border you may have to show proof of ownership because
the home will be licenced Canadian while I can only assume that you will be travelling on either Aussie or
US passport.
Once you have it in the US, depending on the duration of your stay there, you will eventually have to license
it and this is where you will have to find out what the US regs are - unfortunately I suspect that government
being what it is they want their pound of flesh and will probably hit you up for taxes based upon the
amount you paid for the Mhome. But here's where it can get cute - What price did you pay, you ask, well
that depends on what the Bill of Sale says ;) .
As for shipping it off the Aussie...can't help you there, sorry.
Good luck.
Re: buying a motothome in canada

Hi mariay, thanks for you reply,I have been looking very hard @ moto4rhome sin Canada due to exchange rates better rates,and i posted question here because i found m/home but biuy the time contacting sellers i had lost out on m/h,so the chase has started again trying to locate one to suit our measurements,thanks again kojak