Buying a new fifth wheel.

I am in the market for a new fifth wheel but I have never owned/purchased one before and I don't want to pay to much. Any ideas on how much I should try to take off of dealer sticker? Where should I go to get MSRP info. on new fifth wheels. I appreciate any assistance you can give!!! :blush:


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Buying a new fifth wheel.

I got mine for '1/3 off', but it was last year's model, and it took a month of haggling. Basically, I told them I wasn't buying new, but I'd buy this one as if it was used. I got the used value from the NADA guide. ( I think) Also, whenever haggling with car (and now RV) dealers, I only deal in 'out the door' price. That keeps those unexpected extra charges from creeping in. Also makes them do all the work figuring out how much I'm really paying.

To get the best price, you MUST be willing to walk out the door. On mine, we were $1200 apart in
price when 'they could not do any better'. I walked out and one month later I called and offered $200 more than my last offer and they took it.
Buying a new fifth wheel.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! I feel like I was hitting my head against a wall looking for pricing info. and this site was GREAT!
Buying a new fifth wheel.


We just went through it a couple of months ago. I does pay to shop around. I originally looked at a year old model but when I went to another dealer I got more options and a better price on a new unit. I think most will say if you can get 20% off list that's pretty good. Of course 25 is better. That is what we finally got down to. Do shop around and don't be afraid to horse trade. If you don't you will pay the price.

Good luck