buying a new tt wanting help


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i am currently in the market for a new tt. there are 3 i am thinking of buying choosing from. a nomad 292 ltd by skyline, a keystone outback 28 rs-ds, and a trailsport 29 quad bunk. has anyone heard anything bad about any of these companys or campers?

i am looking for a quad bunkhouse but it has to weigh under 6200# due to my vehicle i'm using to pull it is a 2004 trailblazer w/ a 5.3l v-8 with a tow rating of 6200-6600 lbs.

could use a little help with this.
the logical choice is the trailsport because of the weight. only 4600# the other two weigh about the same at 5800#.

if there is any help i would appreciate it very much.