Buying a Pop-up camper


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We are looking at buying a pop-up camper. We've been using the one my husband's family bought in 1969 so we think maybe it's time to upgrade.

We have looked at Jayco, Fleetwood, Rockwood, Starcraft, and Viking. The Fleetwoods seem to be the most well-made but are a bit pricier than the others. We did not like the Jayco or Viking at all.

We found a 2004 Fleetwood Mesa (new) and the dealer is asking $9300 which includes air, canopy, hot water heater, all the standard stuff, TT&L, and the brake system (whatever it is called). Our budget starting out was $7000-$8000. We offered them $9000 and have not budged from that. Then, he called back and said he had the same model in Oklahoma City, which was priced at $7988 plus the brake thing and TT&L, which would put it at just about $8900. Is it valid to assume he would bring the unit from OKC to Dallas and do dealer prep? Wouldn't it be easier for him to just sell us the one in Dallas for $9000?

Are we reasonable? The Mesa is the same as this year's Valor. Does anyone have other suggestions? We haven't been able to find a used one. We like the size of the Mesa but have also considered the Cheyenne and Santa Fe. We rented a Tacoma last summer and it was good; the Mesa is just a bit bigger.


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Buying a Pop-up camper

Your call, your money, your investment. Make your own decision and go with it. If your not happy, wait until you will be. Don't rush into a deal that your not sure of. If your gonna spend that kind of money are you sure you want a "pop-up"? You could probably find something bigger for not much more or even cheaper if used, as long as you have the vehicle to pull it. I bought a 1989 Class A Winnebago, Chieftain, with only 5,800 miles on it and it is like new for the most part and paid less than $18K three year ago (top price for used, but it was totally worth it). Just trying to tell you to make sure you really get what you want/need. Welcome to the forum and good luck. ;)


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Buying a Pop-up camper

Take it from someone who bought a popup last year, spent $6500 - for a fleetwood, utah (the cadillac of popups), and I wish I would have bit the bullet & bought a travel trailer last year. I just traded-in the popup, a bought a 27 travel trailer, as I needed the room. But, it's whatever is going to make you happy. Good Luck


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Buying a Pop-up camper

We were looking at new pop-ups about 5 years ago and there are some really nice ones out there.....once their opened up. We borrowed my mother-in-laws pop-up a couple of times and the hassle of setting it up, scared us off from a pop-up.

We ended up buying an 1989 21' Jayco tt that was literally in like new condition. Original owners and always garaged. We paid $5000 for it and sold it 3 years later on Ebay fo $5300.

We then moved up to a nice 1997 28' Coachman 5th wheel that we've had for two years now and it is still like new. We paid $11k for it used.

My point is that in my opinion, if you look around you can get a really nice used tt for the same or lesser price than the new popup and you'll be much happier in the long run especially when it comes to reselling it or trading it in on a larger unit down the road.

By the way, now is the time to find a good deal on used one. Don't wait until the start of summer when everyone gets the "fever".

Just offering a little advice to someone who is in the exact situation that we were just a few years ago.


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Buying a Pop-up camper

Well to be honest we are a Starcraft Dealer and have been since 1978.
When you are talking about Pop Up Campers the first thing you need to think of is the Tent. With the Starcraft you have the Aqualon Tent. 7 Year Warranty. This is the best tent on the market PERIOD.
If you are looking for an upper end model the Centennial will fit your needs. Price range from $10,000-$13,000 with every options on the market. The Starcraft Classic is less money but also less options. Lifetime warranty Roof Floor and Lifter System. Like I said earlier we have been in business since 1961 and SOLD STARCRAFT's since 1978 and never looked back or wonder what if.
Thank you