buying a smallish travel trailer help!


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we are just about going crazy w/ info overload. thank goodness we have the internet to do all this searching!!!! but i'm still weary.
we want something 23 ft or less, sleep 4 to 6. w/ 1 slide out, kind of light weight (tho we have now decided definitely to get a trailblazer V8 so wgt is not quite as critical), bath, kitch, etc
so w/ that criteria we arrived at 2 based on our needs.
they are the Forest River Flagstaff 23FBS
and the TrailManor 3023
So now we want to know which is actually better? i have checked the TM owners forum and i see a lot of questions about plumbing issues.
But then, do all of these types have those kinds of issues?
and which mfg sticks to their warranty promises better?
the Forest River dealer nearby seems to give top quality service. we have not me the TM dealer; will do that saturday.
any insights into any of our questions (and more) will be GREATLY appreciated.
oh, btw, we have never rv'd. we were back packers and tenters but have done neither in the last 10 yrs or so. we will be doing a lot of traveling with this unit.
thanks so much for any and all HELP!


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Re: buying a smallish travel trailer help!

You might want to check out the Forest River issues thread elsewhere in this forum. Some of their products work out well, but it appears their 'lemon' percentage is higher than most.

23' is pretty small. We had a 25' which had a queen bed, a sofa bed and a dinette which converted to a bed. So could sleep 1 couple and 2 others, or possibly more if 2 small people could sleep in one of those small beds. It is unclear how it could have been any shorter and still provide that much sleeping area, unless the beds were stacked (bunks).

What is the 'towing capacity' of that trailblazer? Keep in mind that the advertised towing capacity is under specific conditions which are difficult to achieve, so the 'true' towing weight is significantly less. For instance, most (older) 1/2 ton pickup trucks claimed to be able to tow 7000 to 8000 pounds. But in reality, they would strain to tow much over 5000 pounds.

Light weight can be towed with less tow vehicle, but the lighter it is, the flimsier it is. My light weight started falling apart after only 2 or 3 years of occasional use.

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Re: buying a smallish travel trailer help!

Forest River seems to be a poor quality manufacturer and they don't honor the warranty. Your Forest River Dealer may indeed be good, but he can only do what the manufacturer approves as far as warranty. I'd stay away from Forest River if it were me. See Subject: Forest River Issues, General RVing on this forum. :(