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New to the RV thing. My wife and I would like to buy a used travel trailer - between 25' and 30', preferring larger over smaller. We don't want a toy hauler and would prefer a slide-out.

I know that there are a number manufacturers with different build quality. I know that I should look for an aluminum frame with a fiberglass exterior, what other things should I look for in used trailer? Any manufacturer suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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Buying advice

Hi dasutton, The frist thing I would look for is water damage caused from leaks. Look at the sides for declamation and buldges. Check all appliances for proper operations. Don't forget the plumbing. Go for the slide but, be sure it operates smoothly and ck alignment when slid in. Some of the best units I have owned were Airstreams but the older have no slide. I also like the Holiday Rambler line. Sunnybrook, Montana, Cedar Creek, King Of The Road, Nu-Wa, HitchHiker are some units that come to mind. Find one with the floor plan you can live with. Good luck


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Buying advice

I would agree with what Chelsa said about leaks and delaminations. But that is only a small part of it. How old a rig do you plan to shop for, and for what type of use? That plays to it as well. The more you plan to use it, the higher intital price group you need to shop in. Most trailers have a steel undercarriage and that is good. But side walls can be steel, wood, or aluminum. I would not buy wood, but steel is OK if you don't get too much weight for the rig you will tow with. If you are planning to use the RV in winter, you need to get one with enclosed, heated tanks. You should see every appliance operate in each mode. With water in the tank, turn on the pump and wait for it to stop, then run water to get air out of the system and the pump should then stop and not run again for at least 20 min. If it does, there is a leak. Electrical power is also an issue. Does it have an inverter, or a converter? If you will want to operate any ac appliances when you do not have shore power, an inverter would be nice. Does it have one a/c unit or two? If two, does it have 50A or 30A power cord?

As to quality RVs, I don't entirely agree with the previous post, but I will say that Travel Supream, Teton, Avion, Alfa, are some of the better rated ones. If you want my opinion on brands to avoid, send me a direct email and I will tell you. Like most frequent visitors to internet sites, I don't post negitive comments because it will always start a flame war!