Buying first Motorhome help

I have owned three travel trailers/fifth wheels and would now like to move into a motorhome. Question is gas or diesel. I like the prices a WHOLE lot better on the gas units but don't want to get into something I'll will regret when in the mountains and pulling a small tow veh. Any advice on this would greatly be appreciated. Thank you!
Buying first Motorhome help

The general consensus is if you're driving lots of miles yearly, go diesel, if few miles, go gas. A friend just bought a gasser after owning a diesel for three years. He complained about having to do expensive required maintenance on the diesel, even though it generally sat in one place most of the time. He only had 18,000 miles on a three year old unit when he replaced it.

Lots of folks have strong opinions on each, and personal preference comes into play.
Buying first Motorhome help

Thanks ralphie, I didn't even think about the amount of "down" time...We probally would use it 5-6 times a year. And I just found out about expensive diesel repairs from my truck...How does gas engines perform in mountains and pulling a small tow veh? (mostly Smokie Mountains region)? Any particular size,type engine to look for?...Thanks again
Buying first Motorhome help

Teecee; I had the Ford V10 in my 2001 31' SeaView. When pulling our jeep cherokee most of the time I didn't know it was there unless I looked in the monitor. Gas mileage wasen't that hot; 6 to 8 mpg. Now and a very seldom then, 10.
Buying first Motorhome help

Tom,thanks also for the input..I need all I can get, I can buy a fifth wheel, but know nothing about what to look for on a motorhome. I like hearing that you didn't have a problem, we will be towing a small Suzuki Samari..I can deal with the gas milage, just not going up a mountain and wondering if I'm gonna make it.

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Buying first Motorhome help

Just returned from the Smokies in our Ford, ouch I'm a chevy man,v10 32ft HR towing a 4 door tracker and had no problems. Will shift down on the mountains and is quite noisy at 4000 rpm but to me I expect this. Fuel milage has been 9 mpg for 5600 miles and I try to stay arounf 55 mph. If I was only going to use it 4 to 6 times a year I would go with the gasser. AJMO
Buying first Motorhome help

Thanks a bunch for the input! Every comment helps me feel a little more confident in getting closer to the purchase. I'm sure I'll have some more questions as the time gets nearer. Thanks again!