Buying fuel

We just purchased our first motor home (Class A) and would like to know how all of you purchase gas. We have a work truck (uses lots of gas) and when we use a credit card it cuts us off at $80 so we have to then use another card to finish filling up and that is not going to work filling a motor home so I thought I could get some insight from all of you.
Thanks for any suggestions.


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Re: Buying fuel

I find that after it cuts you off at whatever the credit card limit is, I can just start a new transaction with the same card.

C Nash

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Re: Buying fuel

Thats what I do or just stop and fill up when I know it needs about 75.00. These old legs need to strech pretty often anyhow and we are in no hurry.


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Re: Buying fuel

I do what hertig does.....a new transaction. Most of the time, I try to fill it back up when I'm around 1/2 tank full. Use to be less than 75 bucks, but not anymore.
Re: Buying fuel

I go till it clicks off. I return the gas hose to the pump and get my recipt. Then I do the same thing over.

Some will tell you you don't have to return the gas nozzle to the pump but I've found that's not true usually so I just do the double thing.

Mine will sometimes go to $100 before it shuts off.
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Just go tell the clerk that you want to fill up. They will turn the pump on and it will give you the amount of fuel you want. Just need to go inside and pay when your done.
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Yeah, don't that burn me up! They finally get it so's we don't have to stand in line with the people buying twinkies, and the blasted receipt printer is out of paper!

And now we gotta tell 'em that we WANT to buy more gas! Purty please? May I? :(