buying in U.S and sending to New Zealand


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Hi there
We are planning to travel to the U.S and buy a travel trailer (or caravan as we call them downunder!). We want to put it in a container so we are restricted to width and height. What do you know of under $12000 U.S which is no higher than 8ft. and no wider than 7'6" please. We are looking for 2007 or later.
Our shipping agent will take the AC unit off and take air out of tyres.
Does anyone know which makes and models are smaller than the standard units please?
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Re: buying in U.S and sending to New Zealand

I replied on another RV forum, but as a reminder, Burro, Scamp, Casita and Eggcamper will all fit into one of those containers. Any of the full size RVs that are built in the USA are all at least 96" wide and most are 102" and so will not fit.


Re: buying in U.S and sending to New Zealand

Remember this you can remove the wheels which will give you more height and also you can cut the tongue off which will give you 3 more feet and weld back on when you get to destination, also the bumper can be cut and be removed on and replaced, also the roof air conditioner can be removed in shipment. Just some thoughts that will give you more options. Later Jim