buying used class c frm Cruise America

Hi All,
We are going to be 'new' at the RV thing. Our first step is to buy one of course. We are going to buy used, and was checking out used rentals through Cruise America in Denver. Has anyone ever purchased used through this company? Any feedbacks? Actually, any advice on purchasing used would be greatly appreciated. Thanks... and looking forward to the road! :)

Gary B

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buying used class c frm Cruise America

Hi LaDonna, welcome to the forum & rving, some will say to stay away from rental units, they say folks who rent no nothing about rving and abuse them. I have a totally different view,yes its true that many first timers rent and make mistakes, but rental companies take very good care (at least the larger ones)of their units and keep them in excellent repair. They have to or they would have no customers I wouldn't rent a beatup jig, and they can't afford to have someone on vacation having brake downs. We have looked at rentals that were for sale and I found them to be very clean and well maintained. The only thing is they tend to be plain janes, no patio awnings, many times vinyl floor covering vs carpeting, etc. If we were closer to a large rental outfit outlet, we would be checking them out. Good luck with the search. Check them out real good ask many questions and get a floor plan you like, that is very important cause you have to live in the coach, and if it isn't to you likes then its not good. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:
buying used class c frm Cruise America

Hello LaDonna,
The alternative to Cruise America may be to find a dealership in the area that also rents as we do here at Camping TIme RV in Atlanta. I can't speak for what a company there may do, but we sell the entire fleet every year and start all over. The vehicles still have some warranty and they have less than 18,000 miles on them.
Jay Raymer
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Camping TIme RV