Buying used Istasa (Reliability)


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I am buying a Istasa "89" 40K
I have been hearing both good and bad. Does anyone have a Istaca that can help me work thru this. I understand the camper does not like to get too hot (engine) while driving.
Can I simply have a lower thermostat installed
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Re: Buying used Istasa (Reliability)

First, are you sure about the name of it? I suspect that you are looking at an Itasca? If so it is built by Winnebago and has an excellent reputation. Next question is, what chassis is it on? An 89 is probably on either a Ford(F-53) or a GM (P-30) and would them be powered by either a 460 or a 454? How long is the motorhome? The price of $40K sounds extremely high for any 89 unless it is a high end, diesel pusher and I don't believe that Itasca built one back then.

If you come back with more details, you will very likely get more information.