Buying used m/home


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I would like to get some thoughts from all you ladys and gents that have been doing 5th wheel or m/home much longer than me. We have a little over 2 yrs until retirement and can't make our mind up on what we want. What are your thoughts on a used (2-3 yr. old n/h) and save some funds. I am thinking the same thing on a one ton and 5th wheele. Will appreciate any suggestions...thanks :cool:


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Buying used m/home

In 2-3 years the bugs in a new one should be worked out, saving you the headaches plus saving you a considerable amount of money in hotel/motel expense while your new one is fixed and your traveling. As for the MH versas 5ER I prefer the 5er simply because if the MH breaks down mechanicly, its going to the shop for repair and your going to a motel/hotel. If my truck breaks down, I still have my 5er to stay in and most often you can pick up a rental car for 25.00 a day , some dealers depending on the repair will eat the cost of a rental(had the experience more than once , hope this helps enjoy your travels TEAM3360 :) :laugh: :cool:


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Buying used m/home

While I'm no where near retirement, good luck with yours, I will share what I've learned:
-All new motorhomes need something fixed upon delivery
-All new motorhomes cost more than their used counterparts
-All used motorhomes, are used.

Some people just "HAVE" to have new when they buy. Also if you want some kind of odd option you may be better off ordering a new unit than trying to find it.

5ver Vs. Motorhome

-It cost more to insure a MH than 5er since the trailer is a rider on the truck policy.
-IMO, it is easier to drive a P/U with 5er than a big MH. A MH is good for traffic jams since the bathroom/kitchen are readily available.
-A MH can tow a small/midsize vehicle behind it for travel/exploration, we had a CC/DRW to pull our 5er and it was big for downtown parking garages.
-You can double tow behind a 5er in some states, make sure which ones or you could have to unhook at the state line if caught.

Don't worry about asking too many??s



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Buying used m/home

The key to success when buying a use RV or any kind is in the care and maintenance that the unit has had and in the quality of the unit when it was new. Even te best cared for sow's ear will never become a silk purse!

Anther factor in the issue is what kind of travel do you plan to do? If you will live in the RV full-time you need a much higher quality unit to start with than you would for an occasional trip, if they are to last for the same number of years. There is good reason for the fact that some makes seem to be around for many more years than do others. The reason is quality of construction. Also, make sure that everything works when you start. That means all appliances and every item on the chassis. Look for a good set of maintenance records. People who keep records are usually people who do maintenance well. If there are things that have not been repaired, it frequently means a lack of care.

As to insurance cost, that is not as widely different between the types of unit if you consider the total cost of the insurance for a motorhome and toad, compared to a fifth wheel and a proper tow truck.