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I am a single parent putting 2 kids though college and want to spend about 10,000-15,000 on a used class A. Looking at a 1991 Airex. Any thoughts. 26-28' is what I really seem to be leaning toward.



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I'm not quite sure what it is that you want to know? It was built by Rexhall, who has a pretty good reputation but any RV that is 15 or more years old is hard to access on quality without a pretty solid knowledge of RVs. Even the best quality RV could well be turned into junk in such a period of time. It could also be a gem if owned by one who did all maintenance and repairs in a prompt and thorough way. Of course, many of the appliances will probably be in the late stages of their life and you need to replace the tires if more than 5 years old and perhaps all belts and hoses. All fluids should be changed since you won't know much about them. If you can get them to let you have a sample of the oil you can get it analyzed and learn a lot about it's condition that way. You also need to make sure that it has no signs of dry rot, delamination or other major problems. You would be very wise to get help from some knowledgeable RV owner if you do not know RVs well.


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I assume it has the ford chassis under it ,,, make sure u do a good look over and look into closets and around vent and windows for any sighns of water damage ,,, also ck the tires if they are 5yrs or older ,, need replacing other than that need some more info on what u'r gonna use it for ,,, weekends ,, long trip ,, and such....
If they (whoever u'r buying from) have records of maint ,, then that's a plus ,, but if not make sure everything inside works and also drive it,, u never no what type of gremelins pop up when u drive it ,, JMO ,, but please let us know ;) :)