C Class Four Winds 5000 28ft.


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Hi Folks, we have found this Four Winds C Class that we are very interested in. Its a 2004 does anyone know anything about these RV's and do you have to pay tax if you purchase it privately and not from a dealer. And last question does anyone know which state is the cheapest to register an RV for an international buyer. Hoping someone can help me, regards Sue


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C Class Four Winds 5000 28ft.

Fourwinds is on parr with Coachmen and Fleetwood as far as construction ect. As far as taxes go each state is different. Here in Washington you pay the sales tax when you get you license tabs or new registration. Alabama used to not charge sales tax on used vehicles. As far as registering vehicles I think Nevada may be the cheapest. There laws are a little lax.