Camp-n-Town WIFI

John Harrelson

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The “Camp-n-Town” RV park in Carson City, Nevada installed WIFI this week and it is FREE.

Just wanted to get the word out about it..
I have been here every winter since 2000 and have suggested, pestered, and otherwise let it be known to the owner that WIFI would be a great drawing card for the park. He finally has installed it.

So if any of you folks happen to be going through Carson City in your travels, by all means, stop and have a cup of coffee with me and while here use the WIFI to check emails and etc...



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Camp-n-Town WIFI

Be sure to have a good firewall? The camps Modem is a firewall. If you have a PeeCee, there is no difference if your on someone else's wifi or your own. I have traveled all around the US and used many wifi connections and never had a problem. Of corse, I have a Mac. To worry about that kind of connection is as mean-less as not going on a trip because there are other cars on the road.


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Camp-n-Town WIFI

As long as you have "file sharing" disabled on your computer there is very little chance of a hacker getting into anything. No more so than any other time you connect to the internet by any other means. There is no totally "hack proof" internet. But reasonable security is easily available. The risk does go up if you go out and just use any "open" wifi access point that you find because some of those could be a source of attack. But when you use a known one such as a service supplied by a commercial company, like the RV parks use, it is probably much more secure than what you use by a phone line.