Camper Buyers Guide

[David K.] I bought a 2000 Ford Expedition last summer with camper towing in mind within the next couple of years. I have never owned a camper and I have been trying to find sources of objective, independent evaluations or comparisons of various manufacturers. Periodicals, websites, books. (Trailer Life - NOT) Any ideas?
Camper Buyers Guide

[Vern M.] In RV ownership and use, there is just so much to know before you know enough to ask the right questions. And every source seems to have an agenda, even on the lists. But the best rescource we&#039ve found over the years is the volume of information, resources and trends you can gather from it on lists such as this, RVers Online, Escapaees forum, RV America, etc., etc. Search them out with your search engine, log on and visit frequently. You&#039ll see who buys what and why.

As for books, most are quite elemental and really don&#039t tell you a lot. Still, there are some good ones. To stay away from the bias of Good Sam, Trailer Life, its annual and all the other print sources that are owned by the same company which makes money from its advertisers, try seeking out owners groups of particular models on line.

Good hunting and welcome to the RV life.

Vern M.
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