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I recently bought a used 35' camper. Looking for some kind of owner manual for this. All I have is a Model# (MBHMH44601-A35) and Serial # (110BA02RXGA027885).
The title says its a 1986 Intn'l. Not sure who made it.
One bedroom, bath, kitchen and living room. Anybody able to help???

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Re: Camper info

Hey b5185, welcome to the forum. Well for starters it's probably a 5th wheel, but the term camper could describe just about anything. In simple generic terms normally RV's are:
Class A's, Large bus like RV
Class C's, Med to large RV that looks like a truck in the front end
Class B's, Large RV that look similar to a big van

5th Wheels, Hitch connects in the bed of a pickup truck
Travel Trailers, hitches to the rear of pickups, SUV's or large vans.
Pop-ups small flat trailers that pop-up and folds out to sleeping area and small appliances

Large RV that fits in the back of a pickup

DL Rupper

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Re: Camper info

I believe International RV's are no longer manufactured. However, another manufacturer may have bought them out. If so they may have info on your RV. Someone on the forum may know details or another owner may have a manual that they can copy and send you..


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Re: Camper info

I have had several different campers (2 pop-ups, 2 trailers, 1 class C) and have never found the owner's manual to be very helpful. The owner's manuals for the campers themselves are generic at best. I have Grandview Trailer Sales to refer to on my new trailer and I took my class C to a repair shop for them to check everything out and the owner did a once over with me that taught me more about the camper than I had gotten out of reading the owner's manual twice. I have found the manuals for the appliances to be helpful and many of these are available on the manufacturer's web sites.