Camper weight and tie down method

I purchased a Skamper 8' pop up camper to go on my Toyota Tundra. This is considered a half tom pickup although I don't know why since it is rated with a total capacity of 1580 lbs.
I haven't been able to find the camper's weigh listed anywhere-the plate on the unit is missing-and want to make sure I can safely carry it. Anyone familiar with it or know where I can get this info?
Second question is regarding tie down method. Any suggestions on which method or manufacture I should use?
This is a great forum. Finished with repairs thanks to the help I received here. Please note that I posted this same question on the General forum before I realized there was another more appropriate place for my question. Sorry if I breached any protocol

DL Rupper

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RE: Camper weight and tie down method

The fastest way to find out is to weigh your pickup empty and then weigh it with the camper installed. You can weigh it at a local truckstop or moving company. I doubt if a 8' popup camper will exceed 1500lbs. Are the sides of the popup made out of heavy canvas or metal? :question:


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Re: Camper weight and tie down method

Be careful of that rating of 1580 pounds. If it is like the American trucks, that is with no accessories, no cargo, no passangers. Just a 150 pound driver and a bit of gas. To find out the weight of the camper, do like DL suggests. Or just put in the camper and weight the whole thing, both total weight and each axel weight. Then compare these values to the GVWR and the front and rear GAWR. This will tell you if you are over any weight limitation, or how much additional 'stuff' and people you can carry and where. If you are close to any limit, it would be wise to load up as if you were heading out on a trip (stuff and people) and weigh again.
Re: Camper weight and tie down method

Thanks guys. The camper is a pop up with canvas or vinyl sides so that should keep the weight down. And according to my Toyota owner's manual they calculate the capacity using 3 passengers at 150lbs each. After they do that the load capacity is closer to 1100lbs so that's my limit. I'm sure I'll be close to that so once its loaded I'll head for a scale. I think I also need to weigh each axle because there is a big discrepancy in the way Toyota shows for mounting the camper, with it's center of gravity over the rear wheels, and every camper I've ever seen on the road where the unit is very close to if not against the front of the bed. The local RV dealer says Toyota is wrong on this and the unit should be all the way forward. Using Toyota's method my camper would have to be about 2 feet back producing a 2 foot overhang off the back end. My guess is that the engineers at Toyota know what they are talking about but conventional wisdom, custom and inertia tell us to mount it the way it looks like it should be mounted.
Re: Camper weight and tie down method

Frame tiedowns are always the safest but also the most expensive. With the new lighter weight truck beds it still might be the best way to go though.