Camper Weight

Looking at a 26 foot Argosy Motorhome , a 1975 model going to do a remodel on it . It has a Chevy 454 in it that needs some work , I plan to change the cam shaft in it, what I need to know is what does it weigh . I have found about anything else you would want to know about it. :question:


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Camper Weight

There should be a data plate in it that will list the gross weight limit(GVWR). That is the place to start. The only way to be sure just what it actually weighs it to take it to a truck scale and weigh it. It would be wise to get a weight for each axle and for each side for reasons of weight balance.
Camper Weight

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You don't find many Argosy Motor homes any more, travel trailers yes... Best thing to do is as "KIRK" memtioned take it to a Cat Scale prefered and have all FOUR corners weighed (most cat scales are set up to do this). The manufacture in those days really didn't tell the true finished weight of a Motor Home.
Also do a Google search for "Argosy" you will find that there is a web site and a large following for the "Argosy", they will be able to tell you things that you didn't know and help with things that you don't have the answer too.