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While reading the Good Sam highway magazine I saw an add for Camper Choice camping for $6 to half price for camping at campgrounds all over the USA. Been kind of researching all the different options out there so went to the web site for info. None there so I emailed them for the information. The information I received in the mail gave no more information than their add or web site and gave a phone # to call. I called and got this very nice sounding guy that asked a lot of questions and then proceded to tell me their options. Sounded pretty good but was a little pricey IMO. He never said this was a must take right now deal so I told him we had planned leaving tomorrow for Fl. and would get back in touch when we returned. Was interested at this point. WOW, He then told me I had wasted his time and slamed down the phone. :angry: At least I didn't waste mine because it showed me it was a rip off. I will never buy hardly anything without giving it some thought. IMO Camper Choice is another scam to rip us off. Anyone else had the pleasure of talking with them:laugh:
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I found this post on Escapees forum. Notice the date of posting!


Posted November 03, 2005 04:33 PM Hide Postupdate.. talked on the phone to sells rep. at Choice Camping Inc. and when I asked how many days in home park and how many days at each of the other resorts per yr. and could I read the contact before spending $699 the rep said I was "making it more difficult than it is and that he had to go" and hung up the phone. Sad way to try an earn (rip off) a living. We can use PA at many of the parks anyway.
I'd much rather learn before paying than learning I didn't get what they said I get after paying.

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Good info. I sat through a Coast-to-Coast presentation about 8 or 9 years ago inorder to receive 2 nights and 3 days free camping and $25. When I didn't buy, the sales rep just about through the $25 at me. This was at Bullhead City, AZ across the river from Laughlin, NV. I lost the $25 in about 10 minutes at the Casino in Laughlin. I did enjoy the free camping. :approve: