Campground fees?

We are new - real new to RVing and have no idea as to what to expect by way of private nightly campground fees. Could some of you more experienced folk give us an idea of an average nightly fee for a serviced site. Thanks in advance
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Expect anywhere from $15 (State Campground) to $45 for a high-brow campground. KOA's seem to be the most expensive where State Campgrounds are the least expensive. At least in my experience. Good luck in your new RVing experience and welcome to the forum!
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There is a membership club(sorta like sam's) for camping called Passport America(PA). They charge 1/2 of the normal going rate. They have a book giving rates, before & after discount, all around the country.

Kampground of America(KOA) also have a membership plan but their discount is not as good for us.

They both have website. Check them out.

WE used PA in Orlando & paid $20-25 a nite, where KOA was charging $50-70 a nite. KOA was just down the same road.
Go figure.

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There are other 'camping clubs' that too offer a 50% discount (with restrictions as to when/how long).

We can expect to see campground fees increase in relation to the gas increases as the campgrounds will get whammied with increased trash removal fees, etc. which of course get passed on to the consumer.
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You did not say what you have but there is usually an upcharge for using 50amp service of $1-5 per nite.

Another thing, if you have a particular destination in mind, check out the surrounding area for chamber of commerce. They usually list smaller, local campgounds(not big name brand) which can turn out to be better & have a more personal service.

Don't let price be the only guage you use. WE have stayed in smaller (inexpensive) places & they were great. On the other hand, we have stayed at higher end/bigger(expensive) campgrounds and all they were was bigger but not any better.

AS there are RV's for all types of people so are there parks for all kinds also.

Do your homework first, ask plenty of questions & then enjoy your trip.

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Hi Duane and welcome to the forum. I had membership in PA and found it is very limited . They usually have limitation as when you can stay and charge extra for hook up to cable power and wifi. I like and use KOA as often as I can I find it cost a little more but for the convenicience if make up the cost. If you are full timing then it may be just what you are looking for
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The only problem with the clubs are they are only good for one night stays, so if you want to stay, say, a week somewhere then it's no good to have, but if all you do is one night stays and can find a participating campground then I imagine you can save quite a bit of money.

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Passport America is great if they are on your route or at your destination. They usually have restrictions from 1 to 3 days, or Sun thru Thurs. Invest in a Trailer Life Campground Directory. They run somewhere around $20 to $25 at your RV parts store. It will give you CG rates for the Us, Canada and Mexico.