Campground memeberships

Hello fellow rv'ers,

My husband and I are about to leave home and travel in our travel trailer for 4 months or so. I have lots of questions. We will be going from WA to FL and maybe the East Coast as well. When we bought our rv and got a flyer on Coast to Coast resorts. Has anyone used them or have any other suggestions?

Thanks ru
Campground memeberships

I know this is a month after the original message was posted but I will submit this anyways. My wife and I were members of C2C for many years until we reached 62 and were able to obtain and GOLDEN AGE PASS. We now travel for several months at a time and use all Gov. campgrounds.{COE. National parks, State parks, TVA, BLM, City and County parks and more.] We have found them to be cheaper in the long run than other memberships. We have found them to be about 250+ -apart, our daily limit, and always stay at least 2 night at each campground. There is a lot of free camping all over the country, and Maine is the only state in the lower 48 we haven't been in. is my email and I would gadly correspond with other RV'ers