Camping around Newport RI.

Can anyone suggest a campground around Newport RI? We are headin up that way for about a week next month. Does anyone know anything about Peeper Pond Campground?

Thanks for the help
Camping around Newport RI.

Hey,thumbs: Have not been there in 7-8 years,but it was OK. Nothing special and nothing for kids,no full hookups,just a dump station. They had a bunch of Guinea Hens running around which was entertaining.Probably best to keep away from the pond after all the rain they have been having. Small CG in a small town. If you bike there is a trail between Bristol and Providence,all paved but many intersections near the city. Reasonably priced. Have fun. Will
Camping around Newport RI.

There is not much around this area. I will list three in order of my preference.

Meadowlark, Middletown, RI 401-846-9455, about 15 minutes to Newport.

Melville Ponds Campground, Portsmouth, RI about 20 minutes to Newport.

Paradise Motel and RV park, 401-847-1500 also in Middletown, RI

You might want to get reservations soon, they book up very quickly. They are all small sized campgrounds, top two are nothing special but are very close to Newport. They third one is very small and I would only stay there if nothing else was available.

Lots of very nice campgrounds in Western RI but all are about 35 to 45 minutes from Newport via the Newport/Jamestown bridge.
Camping around Newport RI.

Thanks guys. Yeah your right about not much in the way of camping. Our daughter is working up in Newport this summer so we are goin up to see her. Any suggestions as to what to see while we are in the area?

Thanks again


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Camping around Newport RI.


I don’t know how far away you want to camp from Newport but there are two nice places within 40/45 minutes of Newport and much to do under an hour drive in any direction. :bleh:

Golf, Golf, and more Golf :dead:

RI beaches: :cool:
Watch Hill – Upscale
Misquamicut – State
Charlestown East – Nice and quiet

Ferry to Block Island

Tours of the mansions.
Tennis Hall of Fame
Music Festivals

Mystic CT:
Seaport museum

The CT casino’s

I’ve got more if you want it. :approve:

Camping around Newport RI.


Thanks for the info. We decided to try Peeper Pond in Exeter, RI. We will be goin to Block Island and the Mansions. Any good places to canoe? I have the canoe just need a nice place to paddle. We are goin to take the bikes to BI. Is it just a loop?
Camping around Newport RI.

Gary you are staying in a great area for canoeing. Best I've done is the Wood River in Exeter, and the Pawcatuck river, just not sure of the town it's in. The campground should be able to give you the information you'll need to get to the rivers and may even provide you some transportation there. Great area you've selected although I've never been to that campground.

Steve gave you the best info on sites to see. I would only include the 12 mile drive which is around the water front and very beautiful homes in Newport. Also, if your into walking, do the Cliff walk. Select a beautiful day, you'll walk along the cliffs of the waterfront and pass many of the mansions along the way. Anywhere in Newport is great and so is the food.
Camping around Newport RI.

campfiregirl,sp and Will

Thanks for the help and ideas. We will be in the area about five days or so. I hope we get some good weather.

Thanks for the help guys


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Camping around Newport RI.


I've only been to BI once, pretty sad considering I've lived in this area my whole life. It's not a loop, more like a tree with a few branches off it. You can get a good ride in though.

Exeter is a beautiful place! There are few ponds in the area if you just want to relax and paddle around. They are off Rt 201. If you do go on the Mighty Pawcatuck River head south west to Pawcatuck and say hello. ;)

Have a fun time and let us know how you made out!

Steve :cool:
Camping around Newport RI.


Thanks. I just like to explore creeks,lakes,ponds and friendly rivers. We will be takein the bikes to BI. Sounds like we will be able to stay pretty busy if we choose. Of course we have to see our daughter. :laugh: That will probably cost us a good meal. ;)

Thanks again