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As a new member of the RV community, I have either seen advertisments for Camping Clubs or have been solicited via the internet for discount cards to reduce camp ground fees. I have heard favorable comments about the Good Sam's Club and others but at this point I don't know what to believe. Which card is most widely accepted and offers the best discount?


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I belong to Good Sam's only Works at most campgrounds except KOA's and also get the Higways Mag. It does not take long each year for Good Sam's to pay for itself
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I wouldn't really call Good Sam's a camping club, although I doubt most people would agree.

I think of a "camping club" as more of a time-share or scheduled spot situation. In other words in my thinking a "camping club" would limit your choices to camping in certain places.

I think of Good Sam's, Passport America, Taco, and others as "discount clubs." For what they do, you'll certainly get your annual fee back if you camp regularly.

Having said that, I have stayed at RV campgrounds before I purchased a Good Sam membership, where all I had to do was ask for the Good Sam discount and they gave it to me. Come to think of it, I rarely have to prove that I have a current membership. Its a competition thing, I guess.

I buy into Good Sam because of the trip planning feature on their website. It gets me going in the right direction, and I adjust my trips from there.

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Good Sam, 10% discount at their RV Parks and Passport America, 50% discount at member RV parks, are good clubs to belong to. They will send a lot of junk mail, but some of their offers are good, i.e. Good Sam Emergency Road Service, magazines/books, and possibly their extended warranty plan for RV's, although I don't use extended warranties.

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Ck into some of the discount clubs CGs that offer the halfprice. Some will only allow half price for one night and then the price is regularprice. We belong to Good Sam and have their ERS and like DL said most cgs will only ask if you are a member and give the discount. Some will want your member number. GS is worth the price IMO but be prepared to get bombarded with junk mail. :)
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Good Sam's might bombard you with mail but they do not hold a candle to the National Education Assoc. I aleo have their ERS which I have used twice with exellence results