camping in pigeon forge

camping in pigeon forge

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can anyone recommend a good campground in pigeon forge tennessee, with spacious campgrounds and on the pigeon river?

We stayed at King's Holly Haven and it was really nice. We rented a Class C motorhome that summer and it was great they even have a trolley that will pick you up and take you to all the attractions. I Believe it was 50 cents per person or something like that.
camping in pigeon forge

We stayed at Kings Holly Haven in June and plan to go back. It was a very vice and clean place. Its not on the Pigeon River though. It's on Walden Creek. Its about 30' wide and they do stock it. Its nice and cool too. While there we took the time to visit oter campgrounds. We drove through Creekstone and the others on the upper end of town. KHH is by far a better place to stay in my opinion.