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I recently ordered a Banks Power System from Camping World in La Mirada, California. While waiting for my new tow bar to be installed on my tow car,I met a gentleman that said the Banks Power System was a good system, but to be sure to get a heat shield for my starter because without one, my starter would get damaged, and that Banks had one for sell. I contacted Banks and they said that a metal shield on the header would be included with the system. He went on to tell me that Camping World was no longer a Banks distributor because they had to many problems with their installations. He also said that I could come to their shop to buy and have it installed. I have already paid Camping World for the System and installation. My question is, has anyone had any experience with the Camping World installing a Banks Power System on their truck or motorhome, and were you happy with their service. I know this may be a case of, "You pay your money and take your chances" with either place. Thanks for any help you may be able to give me.


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I would never install a Bank$ to begin with. There are too many other equal performers out there for considerably less money. BUT to your question, I have had some sad experiences with a few Camping World so called tech's. They will never put another wrench to a vehicle I own...
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Butch, You really need to say how you feel :laugh: I can see you shoot from the hip and I appreciate it. Thanks and Best Reguards, Keep it right side up. Terry
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Banks makes a high quality product that is designed and tested to produce HP and torque at a low RPM range, unlike many other header systems that are designed for racing and/or street rods. Also Banks makes a complete tuned system. To my knowledge they are the only ones that due this. All others,that i know of are made from a piece of this and a part of that. When it comes to building HP and Torque at low RPM's there's a lot more to it than just bigger and less restriction. I'm not saying that a good system can't be designed around someone elses headers. What I'm saying is that unless you have a lot of experience designing engines/intake/exhaust systems for specific applications, then going with Banks is a no brainer...They take away all the guesswork and get it right the first time.....Pat
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Thanks pantchris, Banks, from everything I've read is the most complete system on the market. Since my post I ran into a problem with the valves. While changing my valve cover gasket I found one of the ports for the push rods is closed off. Better to find it out at home than on the road. Thanks again. Terry
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I check with my mechanic and he said that the push rods are ok, he said that this is a normal thing for an engine with the kind of miles I have on it. The Banks system has been installed, everything seem good, and I can see that the motorhome has more power.
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Terry, I had a complete Banks system including TransCommand and engine chip installed by CW in Denton, TX 3 yrs ago and I have been very happy with both the installation and the performance of the system. I think that Banks has it all over other imitators. Generally speaking, about CW, I dont think much of any of their mechanics and I wont let them do work on my unit. Frankly, if I have real problems, I go to the mfg (Winnebago in my case) where treatment is great and work is done correctly. I also have little faith in RV dealers in general as well.