Campsite Liability and you


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You may have seen this post on other RV forums as I have posted it to several. I think it is an important issue many campers or RV'ers do not understand or even have coverage for. The coverage I speak of is Liability insurance to protect you when your on a camp site. It's sometimes called campers liability, vacation liability, premise liability, etc. Whatever it's called, in a nut shell it's to cover such things as someone tripping over your power cord and being hurt, maybe someone hitting there head on your slide out corner, 5th wheel pin, falling in your RV, a fellow camper being injured on your campsite or in your RV. It's part of some insurance policies and some not. Some start at $10,000 some higher. $250,000 is a average for those that understand the coverage and ask for a higher amount. Cost is very low $6 to $12 in most cases. From talking with several agents this past week, I was amazed at hear how many folks did not know what the coverage was and that many did not have it. Or only had the bare minimum. Which in today's lawsuits doesn't begin to cover you. I think the best example was said by one agent. A fellow camper went over to another campsite and sit down in a folding chair which collapsed. While still on the ground the first words where do you have insurance, he had broke his arm. So this is only meant as a heads up to my fellow campers to check your coverage.