Can 'Coast to Coast' be transferred?


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Several years ago we purchased a 'coast' resort membership and joined 'Coast to Coast'. It was only $250 for the Breckenridge, TN resort with a guaranteed $49 yearly fees. We needed it to get a big innitial discount on our RV insurance. :) We also purchased about $100 worth of the coupons you need to stay cheap at the resorts. It seems every time we've tried to stay at one of the resorts that their restrictions for holidays, weekends, or length of stay has prevented us from useing it. OK, don't want to sound like a complainer, probably just not for us. Our renewel is due next month & we don't plan on renewing. And, I hate for all of this to go to waste. Anybody interested let us know and we'll let you have what we've got for free. Can't see letting them off the hook! LOL! Email us 'cause I don't check this everyday.