Can I tow my Blazer?

I just bought a used 01 Majestic 26' class C motorhome and was wondering if I would be able to tow my 02 Chevy Blazer ZR-2 4X4?
I know the engine will handle it...Ford Triton v-10, but the hitch is only rated 2500# max. Now I don't want to sound ignorant, but is that tongue wght. or towed vehicle max wght?
Also, does anyone have a preferance to any certain tow bar?
Can I tow my Blazer?

Doubt if that unit is rated to tow a vehicle that heavy. Hitch is also too low a rating. There is more to it than engine size when considering what you can tow. Their should be a placard on that unit listing different allowable weights. Believe you will be asking for trouble trying to tow that vehicle. :question:
Can I tow my Blazer?

Sounds like someone added a category II or III hitch to tow a boat. No, you can't tow the blazer. The hitch weight rating is for the total weight of the tow. However, to upgrade to a category IV or V hitch is not expensive. Phone around for an estimate. :laugh:
Can I tow my Blazer?

Changing the hitch will not solve your problem. Check for the allowable towed weight on the unit's plaque. Besides the engine HP, rig frame, brake systems, warranty, etc all come into play. Still think you will be in trouble towing this vehicle with a rig of that size. :disapprove: