Hi everyone! We are planning a trip to ak in a couple of weeks and I am having a hard time finding out exactly what I can't take across the border. I know about the beef and liquor but I haven't seen anything about pork or what type of fresh veggies I can take and do any of you know what the duties are on the overage of liquor? I need some info here so I don't get into trouble. Thanks

Call or email your closest Canadian embassy or the Canadian tourist site on the internet. They will give you the details. When we went across last summer we had checked what was permissable but were surprised when they confiscated all of our canned and dried cat food. Also make sure you know what you can bring back into this country.
Obtain the forms for tax rebate from the Canadians. You can get back much of the tax money you spend, especially on camp grounds. Remember, they have a 15% sales tax rate so it can add up. :cool: :cool: