Can't find my VIN

I bought an old Rockwood Resort travel trailer, but I can't get it licensed to tow, or even get a title because I cannot find the VIN. :( Can anyone help me? I've looked around the furnace, and under the sink, and on the tongue. So many things have been replaced on this old dinosaur that I'm not sure if it still has it's VIN, but every time I try to get the old owner or DMV to help me get a title and license, I find no one can do anything without the VIN.
Re: Can't find my VIN

Hello and welcome,

You say old, but not how old. You should be able to find a lable, usually in the kitchen cabinets, that will have the VIN on it. I know you say you looked, but there should be a stamping in or around the tounge. Maybe on the front frame member.

Doesn't the orginial owner have some paperwork showing the VIN? He should have a title.......

Good Luck
Re: Can't find my VIN

In California, you could possibly apply for registration as "special contruction". That's what they do for homemade/custom vehilces. Choppers, trailers, prototypes and other custom stuff don't always start off with a registration, although I sure your's probably did.
Re: Can't find my VIN

All trailers built after 1970 have a number stamped on the frame. If the frame has been repainted then you may have to scrape it to find the number. Its usually somewhere on the tounge area but sometimes it is under the front section of the trailer. The numbers will be between 3/8" and 1/2" tall.