Can't get rid of the DAMPNESS!!!

Hi Everyone!

Oy Vey!! I don't know WHAT to do!!! I cannot get the MOISTURE out of the coach!!! I can't get any clothes to dry!

I've got an dehumidifier going 24/7!

I've got Damp-Rid's all over the place!!

I've got Fans going all the time and it's still damp!!!

We've got dual paned windows and that doesn't seem to make any difference at all.

Any suggestions??? We feel like we are living in a lake!!!

Re: Can't get rid of the DAMPNESS!!!

I know this is pretty far out there, but do you think you might have a water leak somewhere? Perhaps some wood is wet and keeps adding to the humidity? :question:
Re: Can't get rid of the DAMPNESS!!!

Thanks Clodhopper! Good idea, but I had checked all the pipes and we are A-ok there! Thank goodness!! We have had really wet weather lately and everything is just wet!! Also, lots of condensation on the inside of the windows every morning.... it's so frustrating!!!

C Nash

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Re: Can't get rid of the DAMPNESS!!!

Lynn, Do you run the exhaust fan when showering, cooking etc? Think I would look close for any weather leaks that maybe are not showing. Our body along puts out something like a quart, might be wrong on amout, a day and that along with the high humidity, wet towels and ever day chores creat a problem. Seems as though you have covered the bases on steps to prevent so you may have to go with a bigger dehumidifier or maybe two.


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Re: Can't get rid of the DAMPNESS!!!

You don't say where you are but it is pretty difficult to get the humidity inside much lower than what it is outside, other than by raising the temperature. Even then the amount you can do so is also very much limited by your use of it. I would think that it would take a terrible leak to make the humidity increase by any significant amount. Cooking, showers and just breathing do add a large amount of moisture and the RV has only about 20% or less volume of air that a stick house would have. Therefor you must realize that you have to do somethings to keep humidity down even when the outside humidity is not high. We are presently in the high desert of California, where normal outside humidity is about 30% at night and falls to less than 10% during the day time. Even so, our mirrors will steam up when we shower, even with the bathroom vent open. Consider what you have if the outside temperature is such that you do not open windows as we do each day!

I can offer a few suggestions but they will only help and may not solve much. First, be sure to use the stove vent fan when you are cooking. That is particularly true when you boil anything but even frying and baking add significant moisture to the interior. When using the shower, open a top vent and during the actual shower run the fan as well. You may also find some help by leaving the interior vent open slightly when the temperature is not too cold outside. It would be helpful if you know what the humidity is outside as well as inside.
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Thanks for all the suggestions....good ones!!! We are currently in Eastern NJ -- (it's about as far from Heaven as one can get!). :( We were scheduled to be in Arizona for the winter, but DH's job is lasting longer than we thought. Looks like we are here for the winter - :dead: - maybe I just have to DEAL with the humidity!!! :angry:

I wish we were back in Colorado -- even with the terrible snow last year in CO -- at least it was DRY!!!! :)


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That's the trouble with jobs. The always seem to interfere with the important things in life! That's the reason that I've sworn off that bad habit!
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Hi Kirk, I am hoping that this is the LAST JOB!!! And then we will FINALLY be able to live on OUR schedule....not someone else's!!!!

BTW--- I seem to have gotten a handle on the dampness in the coach: I've got DAMP-RIDs EVERYWHERE and they are WORKING!!! I can hang a shirt now, and it actually will be dry by the end of the day....before, nothing would even dry and they would get that terrible musty/damp odor!!

OH Boy --- I can't WAIT to get out of this place!!!
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HI Chelse,

Yes, I had been hanging them in the coach...always had and never had this moisture problem before....even in Ohio last summer!! For some reason, this area of NJ seems to be more damp than any other area we have been. Now, I've got Damp-Rids hanging everywhere and they are doing a BANG-UP job!! Almost 1/2 full in just a few days!! I will have to start buying stock in Damp-Rid!!!

Thanks to all for the help!!