Cape Cod Campgrounds & popular spots

[Terry] We are planning a trip to Cape Cod this summer with our 26 ft travel trailer. We are looking for good trailer parks where we can park right on the ocean. Last year we stayed at Libby&#039s Campground in Maine and had a spot at the edge of the ocean and loved it.

Also we are interested in popular things to do in the area (we are two adults in our early forties with an 11 year old daughter).

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Cape Cod Campgrounds & popular spots

[Ernie Ekberg] Terry- I can&#039t give you any campground locations on the Cape. But, I can give you the best trip to take. Take the ferry from Woods Hole to Martha&#039s Vineyard. It costs about 10 bucks round trip. There is so much to see within walking distance. If you drive to Provincetown you can see the mainland. In Duxbury there is the Miles Standish monument. Climb the steps, a bunch, and you can see the whole state. There are a lot of tourist traps to take your money but there is a lot of neat scenery, too. Take the back roads. I grew up in East Bridgewater and I hope to get back there soon. Ernie in Texas