Car-containing RV

Greetings RV People, I'm new here & seeking help.

I've been told there are RVs that will hold & carry a small car.

Can someone confirm this, and advise me which makes & models would do this? I would prefer a used RV.

The car I'd wish to carry inside the RV is an 8'6" long Smart car; of course I know about towing the car behind the RV, but in this particular case that is not an option.
Car-containing RV

I don't know how much the car weighs, but there are plenty of SUT's (sport Utility trailers) out there now. Most makers offer a variey of "garage" sizes to accomodate whatever you want to take with you. I have even heard of motorhomes in this category, but haven't actually seen one.
Try some manufacturers' web sites. You may be pleasntly surprised with the variety available.
Car-containing RV

An aquantance of mine has one and he said it looked like a good idea at the time but it it a waste of space and it was a Travel Trailer I think they refered to it as a toy trailer, not a class A. I imagine it you have the cash there is an A out there to do exactly this.
Car-containing RV

Just found what I think you are looking for. Check out .
I've never seen one, but two things which concern me are the lack of rear ground clearance on the motor home (it wouldn't take much of an incline to have you dragging the rear on that), and the apparent lack of headroom in what I presume is the rear bedroom, over the garage. However, it's definitely original!

Are you really sure you want a Smart for a toad? I test drove one in Europe about 6 years ago when they first came out--they're basically a go kart with enclosed bodywork! Also, as they are just being introduced into the US market, I expect that the only dealers will be in major cities, as the Smart is definitely a city car. However, most RVers tend to try to get as far away from cities as possible. In other words, if you need any Smart parts or service while camping, say, in Montana, I think you'll be seriously out of luck.

You could probably fit a Smart in a 7 by 12 double-axle enclosed trailer. Most of the "toy box" trailers (and even motor homes) are designed more for also hauling smaller vehicles like ATVs or motor cycles, so I doubt they would have the space, car weight carrying capacity, or a low enough deck for you to drive up on.
Car-containing RV

Check the FMCA directory of back issues. I believe that they had an article where one of the bays in a Class A was modified to take a small auto that had some mods. i.e. it was a convertible and the windshield had to lay flat, etc. :cool: