Car Trailer or Tow Bar???

Asking for some opinions??? We will be towing a restored 1983 Toyota GTS 5-speed manual transmission behind our Class A motor home. I can save about 1K via a car trailer versus tow bar but wondering what or if there is a hassel with the car trailer at RV sites? Opinions and/or suggestions appreciated.



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Re: Car Trailer or Tow Bar???

Toyota is not known for being towable. So the first question is to find out what the limitations are. Remco can probably tell you and possible even overcome them.

If the car is a 'driver' then towing it (assuming you can) is an option. If it is a 'collectable' you may want to lean towards the trailer, with a cover, or even better, an enclosed trailer.

The disadvantages of the trailer are 1) getting the car on and off of it, 2) if you ever need to back up, you will not have fun and 3) if the site is not long enough for both motor home and trailer, it may not be fun, and in many places there will be no place for the trailer.
Re: Car Trailer or Tow Bar???

Howdy John,

Thank you for the info on towing the Toyota. I have decided to use the tow bar and not the car trailer.

I have two tow bars and will visit three vendors later this week with the Toyota for estimates/opinions.

I hope it can be towed, it is not a collector car but drivable. It is a 1983 Toyota Celica GTS, 4 cyl, five speed standard floor shift, new engine and will have a new paint job. The wife bought the car new so guess we'll keep and tow it.

Thanks again for you advice and input,

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