Considering a Good Sam Caraventure to Eastern Canada (three weeks). Would like to hear from others who have taken similar journeys about your experiences and recommendations. There will be two of us traveling in our Great West Sprinter Class B.
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I don't have any personal experience, but have received another company's group touring brochure and while the arrangements looked great, I was floored by the costs. (I have a campground membership, and it seemed that many of the camping locations were in those same campgrounds!). The good things about Caravans are that everything is arranged for you. The disadvantage is that you are on a fixed schedule, which might not be a disadvantage as it allows you to visit some places and maybe return in the future. Very nice social opportunity.


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I have wanted to take one but the DW says no, too expensive when we can do it ourselves for cheaper. I would like to do it with the guide and comeraderie but DW says she prefers the lone star do it ourself our own time and schedule way.
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Well, Lee, you won't exactly be alone when you stop at the same places the caravan stops.

And, who's to say your schedule won't match one of theirs? ;)


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Just my one cent worth of info. We went on a trip across Canadw five years ago and on the first night stop we met with a Caraventures group that was doing the same thing , almost everynight for two weeks we stayed at the same place as they did, and sometimes even stopped at the same spots. They asked if we were following them and david made mention that we normally left 30 minutes to a hour before they did. They wanted us to pay for the privledge of travelling with them, so david said no problem since he was leading each day they should pay him top dollar as the tour guide. They left a hour the next day before we did, and never met them again on the road.
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