carbon monxide questions

We were tailgaiting yesterday and my LP gas detector( located in the bedroom) kept going off. I opened all windows and door and turned off the gas and it kept buzzing periodically. What I realized was the two Honda generators I had behind the bus were blowing exhaust fumes into the bus. I shut them down and used the genset on the bus and the lp detector did not go off anymore while we were parked.
While I was coming home, the lp detector chirped once and then the carbon monoxide alarm beeped one short time very faint sounding and about one hour later than the lp detector.
While I know my original problem was from the hondas(could have been bad and was another sign that I am an idiot sometimes), I am now wondering what systems to check.
I know to check the exhaust systems on the generator and the engine but as I sit here and think about it, anything that burns lp also needs to be checked.

My question is: What steps do I need to take to make sure my coach is safe from carbon monoxide poisoning?


RE: carbon monxide questions

I would open up all the windows and doors,, sometimes carbon monoxied get trapped in faberics ,, and if u were there a while with the 2 gens going then i bet u still have left over CO ,, try that for about a day and let us know how it turns out
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Re: carbon monxide questions

Mine went off few weeks back and I traced everything that I could find. The problem was the shore power that I plug into at home wasn't all the way in.(hence low batteries).Once I plugged it inall the waythe chirp and beeping stopped. I later found that the contractor working on my retainer wall tripped on it as he was looking at the MH. Since I plugged it in all the way no more problems. good luck with yours.