Cardinal or Montana Fiver

I'm getting ready to order a 2002 Cardinal 28WB or a 2002 Montana 2850RK. Need some input on which to buy. I really like the Cardinal dealer and believe I can get a much better buy from him. The two units are very similar in every respect that I can see. Please give me your thoughts. Thanks Bernie
Cardinal or Montana Fiver

After comparing the ratings between these two units in a ratings book put out by the RV Consumer Group (not aligned or affiliated with the RV industry)I found that the Montana 2850RK had a much better rating, in every category, than the Cardinal 28WB. My new Montana just arrived yesterday. Bernie

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Cardinal or Montana Fiver

congratulation Bernie, I think you will be pleased with your choice. Camp out in your yard for a couple of nights to check out all systems and give us a review on the Montana after you have used it a couple times.

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Cardinal or Montana Fiver

We are looking at the same manufactures also. Already having a Forest River product, which we are pleased with, how do you like the Montana so far? The only reason we are moving up is we are doing more extended stays and want more room. Other than room, our Rockwood is just fine.

I have heard of problems with the Montana floors, but I have looked at the new models, and it looks like Montana may have solved the floor issue.

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Cardinal or Montana Fiver

We bought a Cardianl 2003 after choosing between it and a Montana of the same floor plan. I could have gone with either, but the wife wanted the Cardinal. We had a Forest River before and had excellant luck with it and the company. Montana has a great reputation also. The wife liked the interior finishings on the Cardinal better and the fact that the Cardinal bedroom is on the same level as the bath. I'm 6-3 and can walk around the bed in the Cardinal, but had to bend a bit in the Montana because of the extra level. I think this is a trade off in the baggage compartment.
The Cardinal has been great, but I don't think you will be unhappy either way you go. I got some advice when I started and that was "whichever one that suits ou needs and pocket book is the right one for you. After all it's not a contest.
Good Luck

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