I was wondering if anyone would know if there might be a class action suit against Carlisle tires for defects. Our camper just made 1 yr. Last month on a return trip with the camper we caught a blow out. Called the company and they replaced that bad tire and the one next to it. No problem. But now my hubby is on the way home and he has caught a blow out on the opposite side of the camper. He says this time the tire is in pieces. I know if I call the company they will replace tires again, but I don't want any more of these tires. Its obvious this brand is defective. I am afraid for my family and our new camper. We are new to camping but my husband is very protective of his things. He always checks the tire pressure and everything on the camper before we hit the road. If anyone can send me some information or oppinion, I would appreciate it. Contact me at

Molly :)

Just because a tire blows doesn't mean it is defective. Most blowouts occur because there is a gradual air loss and the tire overheats and comes apart. That airloss can be from a puncture or problem with a valve. I'm in the tire business. And sometimes there are bad tires, but when someone brings in a tire that has "blown out", most of the time you can inspect it and find where the tire has been cut or punctured. If you are repeatedly blowing tires, I would question the load and inflation for the particular application. Maybe a trip across some PUCO scales so you can see just how much is on each axle. Personally, I have a very high confidence level in Carlisle tires.