Carlisle Tires


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On November the 11th. I told you all that we blew out
a carlisle tire and did a lot of damage to our toy hauler.
We contacted Carlisle Tires, they had us send the tire back, plus
pictures of the damage. We had the toy hauler fixed and sent them a
copy of the bill. And of course pictures after it was fixed.
I was shocked when they called today and agreed to pay the full amount of damage that was done to our trailer. We were treated very nice from everyone at Carlisle tires. Wish we could say we put Carlisles back on, but we did not. We put Maxis tires on instead.
But it is nice to know there are company's that still treat you fair.



Carlisle Tires

I was very well treated by Carlisle too. But I think Before I head out this spring I am going to get a new set of tires. I have a brand new set of Carlisle on my rig but after all the stories I have read here I dont want to take a chance.