Carriage rv dry weight question


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I have just purchased a 1992 model 36 foot carriage camper. I was wondering if anyone out there had any idea on the weight of this camper? I have searched and can't find it anywhere and unfortunately no manuals came with it. It does have 2 slides. I know its impossible to tell without weighing it but I was just wanting a ballpark estimate. I am new to this and this is my first fifth wheel ever. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


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Re: Carriage rv dry weight question

Welcome to the forum! Glad to have new members.

There should be a label in the cabinets somewhere. You want to find the UVW or Unit Vehicle Weight. That is what Carriage said it weighed empty. The best way to KNOW is to take it to some scales.

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Re: Carriage rv dry weight question

Hey MARTY622, welcome to the forum. Check out Carriage RV's on the Internet. The Web site should give you some contact numbers at Carriage.

It would help if you called the Carriage 5th Wheel a RV. A camper is something that slides into the bed of a pickup. That is unless you are a 18 wheel trucker. Over-the-road truckers call all RV's campers. LOL. Especially when we are in their way. Then it's $#% #@% camper.

Ballpark figure would be 12,000 lbs empty. My 1995 31 foot 5th wheel with 2 slides weighs 10,000 lbs empty.