Carrier 15k..Hot Stuff or same-o,same-o??,

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Evening ladies and Gents...

I'm trying to cool a 26' Pace Arrow (1980 Vintage) in Texas's July and August high temps with a 4k gen set. The Carrier Air V 15k BTU A/C is rumored to cool like a 17k BTU unit...any first hand information on this a/c ??

The 4k gen set is a strong low hour unit in top shape (as is the coach believe it or not)..but so far one ac has not been even close to adequate when temps are over 100 degrees.

My customer has a new 7k Mach 1 Coleman that I could install with the 13.5 Duo-Therm already on the coach...(I know, too much for the generator..well not really with a sequincer..but VERY close to overloading). So close that even extreme head pressures on super hot days might put it over the mark...hence the Carrier approach.

I am a general repair shop...and sure could use some first hand information from anyone who has dealt with this problem successfully and/or anyone who has tried the Carrier AirV 15k BTU ac.....

Thanks......... Stan M.

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Carrier 15k..Hot Stuff or same-o,same-o??,

Hi Stan, I just installed a 13500 BTU Carrier, didn't check the actual amps, but this is their rating specs: 115 VAC locked rotorcooling amps 64.5 Approx full load amps=13.5, Running Watts cooling= cool 1=1450 cool 2=1820, I don't think you'll be able to run two a/c's off of a 4000 watt gen. I installed a 15000 BTU Dometic / Brisk air unit and it's start up amps were 18 and cont. run amps on low cool was 8, this was in MN. with an outside air temp of 68*F a 50' 30 amp extenstion cord 122 VCA no load 118 volts fan only 114 volt running on low cool. Hope this helps.
Didn't know Carrier made a 15000 BTU unit all I've ever seen is the 13500 model. :) :cool: :approve:

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Carrier 15k..Hot Stuff or same-o,same-o??,

Hello and thanks Gary...
Carrier has a AirV High Capacity 15k a/c can find some sketchy info at their web site However you never know if their specs are real life or not..especially in real hot weather. They say their 15k unit runs full tilt at 14.5 amps. I imagine it would spike at 18 to 20 amps on a hot if it cools like some of the internet wholesalers say it will (like a 17k ) that would be well within the limits of a 4k genset, and might cool this coach.
I am doubtful that it will cool that well, after all 15,000 btu is still 15,000 btu regardless of how you slice it. My problem is that it must perform better than a 15k unit or it won't cool this coach, I don't believe. This coach has a good older 13.5 Duo-Therm that is putting out discharge air that is 22 degrees cooler than at the intake....great for any ac, and it won't bring the coach temp down below 88 degrees on a 100 degree plus day. I'm thinking a Mini-Mach Coleman 7100 BTU second unit may be the cure.
If the old Duo-Therm pulls 15 amps and the Mini_Mach pulls 8.2 amps (as advertised) and allowing 3 amps for the converter and nothing else that would be about 26.2 amps total of a 33.3 amp rated output for a 4k Onan.
With the Mini-Mach running at 8.2 amps (on paper) there would be 22.1 amps available for the Duo-Therm to spike when comming on. (after allowing 3 amps for converter).
With the Duo-Therm running (again on paper) there would be 15.3 amps available for the little Coleman to spike (again after allowing 3 amps for the converter to run).
I am speculating that as long both units are not allowed to start up simultaneously that the 4k Onan may do the job...or at least it will on paper. Extreme heat and variable high head pressure may blow the spike amps out completely...if that doesn't happen..problem cured....?
It would still be nice if the new 15K Carrier would work like a 17k...Wish I had some first hand information on them.

Baa-dee Baa-dee Baa-dee Thats all folks..eenie meenie miney mo...what to do to do to do..... Sorry ..brain cramp. I'll be ok in November...

Thanks...... again Stan


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Carrier 15k..Hot Stuff or same-o,same-o??,

I have a 29 Foot Single Slide 5th Wheel. I had a Carrier A/C ducted Heat Pump unit put on it last year. Honestly, I don't notice any difference in performance from the Dometic unit I had on before. The Dometic unit was circa 1995. I believe it was 15K Btu as well. The Carrier is nice. I like the Remote Control. But to tell you the truth I like the dometic units better. The fan on the Carrier is either on or off. The Auto position doesn't function as auto on/off. At first I thought it was installed incorrectly, I called Carrier and that's the way it works. Also, the weather out here has been 106 during the day and 60 at night. The unit has a timer, but works like a timer on a television. There is no way to set it to turn the A/C off every day at say 9pm and then turn it back on at say 8am. I'm stuck turning the unit off manually and then setting the Timer to turn the unit on several hours later. I like units that require less babysitting. Also with the heat pump. During the winter, it would get cold sometimes where a heat pump can't function. The unit will automatically turn on the propane furnace at that point. Problem is, I don't like using the furnace. I get free electric, so why pay for propane? I'd keep a small electric ceramic heater running most of the time alongside the heat-pump. So when it got too cold for the heat-pump, I'd rather it just shut off and let the electric do the work. At that time I'm usually nice and warm under the covers. And as for the remote control. It's nice, but I can't say I have really found it useful. The line of sight and distance to the bed is too far. If I had my choice to do it again, I get a dometic with an electronic thermostat. I see no advantages to the cooling of the Carrier. 15K Btu is just that 15K Btu. That claim of "like a 17K" unit, don't believe it. When it's 106 degrees outside, it's warm in here. I'm going to need a second unit installed for the days it hits 115. All in all, it's a good unit. But apples to apples, oranges to oranges. I'd buy the dometic. Even if on a manual thermostat, go with the dometic. The auto on/off is worth it alone. And you'll still have better control of the unit. Think about this too, the only control the unit has is a remote control. It needs to be pointed at the unit to control it. Not what I would call a perfect design. If Carrier updated their controls, they'd be equal and I'd buy the Carrier, it looks nice on the roof.