Carrier Air V won't run off a Honda 2000W


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I was a bit disappointed to find that a Honda 2000EU won't power my 13500 BTU Carrier Air V. Using the a/c was one of the major reasons I bought a generator. What I find a bit odd, is that it can start it, but after 1 or 2 min it trips the overload breaker. I am sending it back and trading it for a 3000EU.

It it acceptable to build a platform on the back bumper to hold the 3000? Someone I had talked to mentioned using some sort of vibration suppressing feet for the platform to sit on?

Anyone mount a 3000 to the back of their RV bumper yet?




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Carrier Air V won't run off a Honda 2000W

Have you given thought to a second 2000EU? You can connect the two together (using the proper wiring)which will be plenty power for your A/C. I've looked at the 3000EU and they are HEAVY.